Commercial Contractors

Success as a project manager in the commercial building industry means securing the products that meet specifications and can be delivered on time and within budget. You know a supplier who doesn’t have the expertise or capability needed to meet all three goals can derail your project. 

Chandler has decades of experience providing concrete, masonry, and hardscape materials for commercial jobs throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Whether you’re building a large manufacturing facility, office building, apartments, or a specialized job, such as facilities for health care imaging equipment, Chandler has the technical capabilities, capacity, and safety record to meet your challenges. 

Capacity for Any Size Job

With a comprehensive network of concrete and masonry plants throughout our service areas, commercial contractors can depend on us, even for very large projects. Our track record of on-time delivery and efficiency in pouring is enhanced by our thorough quality and safety measures. 

Chandler has received numerous excellence in safety awards from national and state Ready Mix Concrete Associations and the North Carolina Department of Labor. With daily inspections, dedicated mechanics, and regular preventative maintenance, we make sure we’re always ready to complete your job without glitches. 

Technical Capabilities

You’ll be able to meet even the most demanding technical standards with confidence with Chandler’s full-time engineer and certified technicians working by your side. Our sales representatives also have deep experience in the commercial field. 

The Chandler team has the following certifications:

  • A professional engineer licensed in North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee, who has been certified by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) as a Concrete Technologist.
  • One Technician certified by the NRMCA as a Concrete Technologist Level II
  • Two Technicians certified by the NRMCA as a Concrete Technologist Level III
  • One Technician certified by the NRMCA as a Concrete Technologist Level IV
  • Seven Technicians certified by the North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Three Technicians certified by the Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Eight Technicians certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) – Level I Field Technicians
  • Four Technicians certified by the American Concrete Institute as Strength Testing, Aggregate Testing Level I, and Lab Testing Level I
  • All Chandler sales team members are certified by NRMCA, ACI, and DOT
  • Chandler is also certified to meet LEED V4 standards

A Partnership with Value 

We don’t just deliver concrete and masonry to customers; we build relationships with contractors and bring our expertise, support, and network of industry professionals to add value to your projects. We’re also constantly working to make communication with Chandler easy. You can count on:

  • A single point of contact for all of our product needs
  • Regular communication
  • Electronic ticketing
  • iPhone app with evaporation rates for your location and concrete calculators
  • Online order tracking
  • E-invoicing

Discuss Your Project or Request a Quote

If you would like to talk to a Chandler representative about your commercial project or request a quote, contact us at (336) 226-1181.