Masonry units have proven to be a desirable material due to their versatility, economics, energy efficiency and fire/wind resistance. Noted for low maintenance and durability, concrete masonry units are sensible commercial building material for schools, institutions, public facilities and more. Not only are these units a safe option for commercial applications, masonry homes are beneficial as well. Concrete Masonry Unit homes prove to be beautiful, fire resistant, sound proof, energy efficient and resistant to damage from pests and nature.

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Durable, versatile and affordable, what more can a builder ask for?

Advantages in Commercial Building:


Protect your family with a concrete masonry home, you won’t regret it.

Advantages in Concrete Masonry Homes:

How it’s made.

We have many convenient locations to serve you.

With over 40 ready-mix plants and 3 block plants, we are able to serve our customers in a timely manner that exceed expectations.

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What Our Customers Say

For over 30 years Chandler Concrete has been a dedicated partner of ours for masonry and hardscape products. They have a diverse inventory and consistently provide us with quality products and customer service. They have directly contributed to the success of our company and we look forward to a long relationship with them for the future.

Donald Clayton, Talbert Building Supply