Ridge Rock Grid-Lok

Wide Width Tensile Strength (ASTM D6637): 2000 lb/ft
Creep Limited Strength (ASTM D5262): 1298 lb/ft
Long Term Design Strength (LTDS) (NCMA 2009, Sands silts and clays): 1060 lb/ft
Roll Size: 8 ft x 225 ft. (200 sq.yds.)

Product Description


  • Highly efficient segmental block connections.
  • Lightweight and flexible.  Easily manageable and easy to cut to proper lengths.  Stays in place when unrolled.
  • Cost effective design.
  • Multiple strengths available for many applications.
  • Excellent creep and installation resistance


  • RidgeScape Reinforced Slopes (See RidgeScape products)
  • All RidgeRock brand segmental retaining walls
  • Other segmental block retaining walls
  • Landfills
  • Subgrade stabilization
  • Steepened slope reinforcement
  • Veneer reinforcement

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