Ridge Rock


Since 1998, Ridge Rock has been the engineered segmental retaining system of choice for beauty and performance.

The latest advancement in soil retention technology! The RidgeRock II Retaining Wall System was developed by soil retention specialists to meet the specific design requirements of engineers, architects, contractors, and homeowners. This retaining wall features a concrete shear key in conjunction with the new Flexible Wing Positioning System (FWPS).

Architects and engineers can feel comfortable with the positive unit-to-unit interlock through the patented integral concrete shear key. With the same features and benefits as the RidgeRock 12-inch deep unit, but with easier handling and lower cost, RidgeRock II is sure to be an excellent choice for your retaining wall requirements.

The RidgeRock Retaining Wall System was patented and introduced to the marketplace more than a decade ago. RidgeRock is a solidly-engineered component that has been used in thousands of retaining wall applications. The basic RidgeRock unit comes in varying colors and is the perfect choice for residential, commercial, industrial, multi-family and transportation projects that require stability, strength, affordability and dependability!

  • Commercial & Retail Centers – Our retaining walls increase usable space, adding valuable parking and building footage to your development.
  • Apartments, Condominiums, & Multi-Family Housing – Severe space constraints and space consuming grade changes are eliminated by the use of our retaining wall systems.
  • Highway & Transportation Systems – Our retaining walls minimize transportation right-of-way acquisition and provide economical and aesthetically-pleasing bridge abutments and wing walls.
  • Homes – Landscaping areas are enhanced and property constraints are minimized by the use of our retaining wall systems.


Hickory Blend Beveled


Hickory Blend Straight Face


Chestnut Blend


Chestnut Blend



Chestnut Blend

Hickory Blend

Walnut Blend

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